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Shovel Song #14: Right Hand

PSALM 16: Grove City College Students, Grove City, PA, 4.25.13

*This was a surprise because it came out so hymn-like. Sometimes a song comes along that I literally can’t believe how good it turns out…and just in an hour or so of work. These students were so talented and so fun to work with – go Grove City!

capo V: G-C-G-D

Because He is at my right hand
I shall not be shaken
Because He is my rock and refuge
I shall be kept safe

Tho I rush to other gods
Bring troubles on myself
May I not partake in them
Forsake such heav’nly wealth

Your cup and portion satisfy
In You is all I need
I taste and see that You are good
Your grace abounds in me

WRITERS: Jamie Swank, Rachel Bailey, Ethan Tuxill, Kate O’Donnell, Taylor Allen, Gary Horvath, Ben Meekin, Alex Moore, Cameron Schenk, Aaron Strumpel, and if I’ve missed any names guys, shoot me a note or leave a comment!


Shovel Song #13: I Won’t Be Shaken

PSALM 16: A group of worship leaders, Eugene, OR, 4.7.13

*My friend Mitch Lee in Eugene is a guy who knows and connects well with lots of people…they’re always amazing folk too and it’s always a blessing to hang with his group of friends. He called a group over for a writing session one of the mornings I was in town on tour and this lovely song was the result…

Keep me safe Oh God
You are my refuge
All the good I hold
It all comes from you
(repeat all)
I won’t be shaken (4x)

Therefore my heart is glad
My tongue rejoices
My soul, it rests secure…in
Your endless love
(repeat all)
I won’t be shaken (4x)

Oh you have set, me on, your path of life
I will be filled, with joy, with you by my side

WRITERS: Johanna Dahl, Aria Lee, Colby Halderman, Corey Jackson, Mitch Lee, and Aaron Strumpel.

Shovel Song #12: All the Ends of the Earth

PSALM 22: A mix of local worship leaders, San Luis Obispo, CA – 3.29.2013

*My friend John Luomo gathered some friends and local worship leaders for a beautiful (and windy) day of writing together, then supping and finally a concert to top it off in the backyard! My apologies for the audio, we only captured the sound from a video camera and it suffers…it’s such a wonderful song tho, I hope you can listen and read/sing the lyrics along!

Ch. Em-C-G-D
All the ends of the earth (2x)
Shall remember
All the ends of the earth (2x)
Shall turn to you

V1 Em-C-G-D
It’s impossible to ignore you
Your words are burned into the Land
Inconceivable to not see you
The stars are lifted by your hand

V2 Em-C-G-D
It’s impossible to run from you
You are everywhere I go
Inconceivable to hide from you
I will never be alone (You’re everywhere I go)

There’s no one else I’ll follow
There’s no one else but you… C-G-Em-D/F#-G

WRITERS: Nick Bilich, Michael Rans, James Rey, Daniel Rey, Joshua Kessler, Andy Garcia, John Luoma, Cameron Schenk, Aaron Strumpel, and *If I missed getting some names after the session, let me know so I can add them in!

Shovel Song #11: A Little Brighter

PSALM 36: House Church, Oklahoma City, OK – 3.10.2013

*This crew from Oklahoma was a joy to write with.  We had some singers in the group, some real burning hearts for God.  Enjoy the song!

Give us a drink from your river
We’ll climb on the banks
And we’ll soak in your sun

Plant us so close to your waters
Our roots will grow deep
We’ll flourish with you

We will
shine a little brighter
drink a little deeper
love a little longer
live a little sweeter

In your light, we see light
In your waters, we find life

WRITERS: Thomas Snow, Kelly Rotko, Laura Branch, Andrew Boyer, Amy Boyer, Steven Stevo Tyler Ashworth, Cameron Schenk, Aaron Strumpel, and *I know there were more but they didn’t write down their names – shoot me some names if you know who were there guys!

Shovel Song #10: High Place

PSALM 18: Village Gathering, Woodland Park, CO – 6.29.2012

*This brilliant group of people had more talent than most small nations. It’s not always like those nor does it have to be, but I really love this song and these folks – long live Matchy-Matchy and the great Ben Hall.

LYRICS: You have delivered me with your strong right hand
You have set me upon the rock and made me strong

He sets me on a high place and makes my way blameless
He sets me on a high place and makes me blameless in my ways

The Lord is my strength, I will rejoice
The Lord is my strength

WRITERS: Lauren Taylor, Anthony Ashley , Jessica Smith, Danny Churchill, Ben Hall, Matt Axelson, Julie Presley, Abbie Troyanek, Aaron Strumpel

Shovel Song #9: Fill Us Up

PSALM 40: Worship Team, Boise, ID – 2.11.2012

*Ben and his team have since written a good number of songs together – it’s been fun to see folks get the hang of it, start worshipping with songs born out of their own prayers and experiences.

I will not hide your righteousness
I won’t conceal your truth
I will not seal my lips, I won’t shut down

I won’t close off, I won’t hold back
I won’t withhold the love you’ve shown
I won’t be shy or still, I won’t shut down

Em-C-G-D/F# (C-D at the break, 2nd time just C)
I was out of control, off on my own
You gathered me up, gave me a home
You lifted me, out of the pit
Cannot be still, I cannot sit

Blessed are those whose heart is full of praise (3x)
C-D-Em-D C
So fill us up (3x), don’t delay

WRITERS: Jason Storm, Julie Briley, Ben Biggerstaff, Chris Foster, Michael Gill, Melanie Foster, Aaron Strumpel

Shovel Song #8: I Am Yours

PSALM 77: Worship Team, Salt Lake City, UT – 10.23.2011

*We worshipped with this song the night we wrote it and it was awesome. We combined it with one of our favorites by the United Pursuit Band, “Nothing I Hold Onto” and were thrilled with it – it’s the second soundcloud song below.  AND, one of the song-writers in that session was none other than Asher Seevinck from Loud Harp. Good Times!

Chords: G-Em-C-G
LYRICS: Am I yours
Am I really yours God
Have you forgotten me
Am I yours

Too troubled to speak
Too tired to dream
I groaned, I mused
Refused to be comforted

Am I yours
Am I really yours God
Have you forgotten me
Am I yours

To this I’ll appeal
To this I will hold
You were with me
In the darkest of storms

Waters writhed, the depths convulsed
The clouds poured down
You called them forth
I’ll remember you (2x)
Lightning crashed, thunder shook
Mountains fell
Right under foot
I’ll remember you (2x)

I am yours
I am really yours God
You have remembered me
I am yours

WRITERS: Tate McCallum-Law, Lawrence Camfield, Dave White, Asher Seevinck, Aaron Strumpel