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Shovel Song #12: All the Ends of the Earth

PSALM 22: A mix of local worship leaders, San Luis Obispo, CA – 3.29.2013

*My friend John Luomo gathered some friends and local worship leaders for a beautiful (and windy) day of writing together, then supping and finally a concert to top it off in the backyard! My apologies for the audio, we only captured the sound from a video camera and it suffers…it’s such a wonderful song tho, I hope you can listen and read/sing the lyrics along!

Ch. Em-C-G-D
All the ends of the earth (2x)
Shall remember
All the ends of the earth (2x)
Shall turn to you

V1 Em-C-G-D
It’s impossible to ignore you
Your words are burned into the Land
Inconceivable to not see you
The stars are lifted by your hand

V2 Em-C-G-D
It’s impossible to run from you
You are everywhere I go
Inconceivable to hide from you
I will never be alone (You’re everywhere I go)

There’s no one else I’ll follow
There’s no one else but you… C-G-Em-D/F#-G

WRITERS: Nick Bilich, Michael Rans, James Rey, Daniel Rey, Joshua Kessler, Andy Garcia, John Luoma, Cameron Schenk, Aaron Strumpel, and *If I missed getting some names after the session, let me know so I can add them in!