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Shovel Song #11: A Little Brighter

PSALM 36: House Church, Oklahoma City, OK – 3.10.2013

*This crew from Oklahoma was a joy to write with.  We had some singers in the group, some real burning hearts for God.  Enjoy the song!

Give us a drink from your river
We’ll climb on the banks
And we’ll soak in your sun

Plant us so close to your waters
Our roots will grow deep
We’ll flourish with you

We will
shine a little brighter
drink a little deeper
love a little longer
live a little sweeter

In your light, we see light
In your waters, we find life

WRITERS: Thomas Snow, Kelly Rotko, Laura Branch, Andrew Boyer, Amy Boyer, Steven Stevo Tyler Ashworth, Cameron Schenk, Aaron Strumpel, and *I know there were more but they didn’t write down their names – shoot me some names if you know who were there guys!