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Shovel Song #10: High Place

PSALM 18: Village Gathering, Woodland Park, CO – 6.29.2012

*This brilliant group of people had more talent than most small nations. It’s not always like those nor does it have to be, but I really love this song and these folks – long live Matchy-Matchy and the great Ben Hall.

LYRICS: You have delivered me with your strong right hand
You have set me upon the rock and made me strong

He sets me on a high place and makes my way blameless
He sets me on a high place and makes me blameless in my ways

The Lord is my strength, I will rejoice
The Lord is my strength

WRITERS: Lauren Taylor, Anthony Ashley , Jessica Smith, Danny Churchill, Ben Hall, Matt Axelson, Julie Presley, Abbie Troyanek, Aaron Strumpel