Shovel Song #16: Like a Tree

PSALM 1: Like a Tree – Resound Conference, Boulder, CO – 11.21.2014

*My friend Adriana from San Jose, Costa Rica sang the first line, “I’m like a tree planted by streams of water,” in such a simple, sweet way, all of us just wanted to keep singing that line, acknowledging that with God, we are sustained and strong. The rest of the song came about beautifully and I couldn’t believe we’d written a whole song like that during a 45 minute breakout session at a conference! Brilliant.

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Capo V: G-D-C-D
I’m like a tree
Planted by streams of water

And you are the river, alive inside of me
And my soul is reaching, out for more of you

Deeper, digging deeper, I find my strength in you
Higher, reaching higher, my delight thru and thru

David Herring, Camila Giglio, Brandy Billett, Martine Gafner, Kyle McCormick, James Tidwell, Sarah Tegtmeier, Justin Hausman, Adriana Murillo Hernandez, Conner Dudrey, Silas Alexander, Luke Lissenberg, Aaron Strumpel


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