Shovel Song #15: I Am Thirsty

PSALM 20: Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa – 11.3.2014

*When I was a child, my folks would take the whole family to a historical estate in Cedar Rapids called the Brucemore and we would spend days walking the grounds, learning about history and culture, attending events. Looking back on it, I am so thankful for what my folks invested for us kids to have wide perspectives of the world in which we live!

Interestingly, this latest Shovel Song was written a few blocks from the Brucemore at the childhood home of my new friend Joe Brinkmann, the Intervarsity staff at Coe College. We piled a bunch of Coe students into his car and headed off for a magical afternoon surrounded by history, Psalm 20, and a shared curiosity to see what God would do with our collective selves. A couple hours later, this crew had come up with a song that I still find myself singing days later. Hope you enjoy!

Capo III
V1 G-C-D-C
I am thirsty
I yearn for you
My cup is empty
I turn to you

My soul clings to you
Your right hand upholds me
Your right hand it holds me now

V2 G-C-D-C
I am weary
I yearn for you
My heart is heavy
I reach to you

Your lovingkindness is better than life

Ashley Fruhling, Alex Carlson, Uzir R Thapa, Lauren Winchester, Andy Baird, Joe Brinkmann, Steph Brinkmann, Aaron Strumpel


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