Shovel Song #14: Right Hand

PSALM 16: Grove City College Students, Grove City, PA, 4.25.13

*This was a surprise because it came out so hymn-like. Sometimes a song comes along that I literally can’t believe how good it turns out…and just in an hour or so of work. These students were so talented and so fun to work with – go Grove City!

capo V: G-C-G-D

Because He is at my right hand
I shall not be shaken
Because He is my rock and refuge
I shall be kept safe

Tho I rush to other gods
Bring troubles on myself
May I not partake in them
Forsake such heav’nly wealth

Your cup and portion satisfy
In You is all I need
I taste and see that You are good
Your grace abounds in me

WRITERS: Jamie Swank, Rachel Bailey, Ethan Tuxill, Kate O’Donnell, Taylor Allen, Gary Horvath, Ben Meekin, Alex Moore, Cameron Schenk, Aaron Strumpel, and if I’ve missed any names guys, shoot me a note or leave a comment!


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