Shovel Song #13: I Won’t Be Shaken

PSALM 16: A group of worship leaders, Eugene, OR, 4.7.13

*My friend Mitch Lee in Eugene is a guy who knows and connects well with lots of people…they’re always amazing folk too and it’s always a blessing to hang with his group of friends. He called a group over for a writing session one of the mornings I was in town on tour and this lovely song was the result…

Keep me safe Oh God
You are my refuge
All the good I hold
It all comes from you
(repeat all)
I won’t be shaken (4x)

Therefore my heart is glad
My tongue rejoices
My soul, it rests secure…in
Your endless love
(repeat all)
I won’t be shaken (4x)

Oh you have set, me on, your path of life
I will be filled, with joy, with you by my side

WRITERS: Johanna Dahl, Aria Lee, Colby Halderman, Corey Jackson, Mitch Lee, and Aaron Strumpel.


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