Shovel Song #9: Fill Us Up

PSALM 40: Worship Team, Boise, ID – 2.11.2012

*Ben and his team have since written a good number of songs together – it’s been fun to see folks get the hang of it, start worshipping with songs born out of their own prayers and experiences.

I will not hide your righteousness
I won’t conceal your truth
I will not seal my lips, I won’t shut down

I won’t close off, I won’t hold back
I won’t withhold the love you’ve shown
I won’t be shy or still, I won’t shut down

Em-C-G-D/F# (C-D at the break, 2nd time just C)
I was out of control, off on my own
You gathered me up, gave me a home
You lifted me, out of the pit
Cannot be still, I cannot sit

Blessed are those whose heart is full of praise (3x)
C-D-Em-D C
So fill us up (3x), don’t delay

WRITERS: Jason Storm, Julie Briley, Ben Biggerstaff, Chris Foster, Michael Gill, Melanie Foster, Aaron Strumpel


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