Shovel Song #1: Darkest Ocean

PSALM 33 – Worship@8500 in Divide, CO – 6.25.2011

*This June session was the first of the Shovel Songs.  I didn’t know how these would go…but after this session I was excited!

LYRICS: The darkest ocean set aside in jars//Defined in your words brighter than the stars//Your strength forms my heart (2x)
The tallest mountains pointing to the skies//Defined in your words, “My God, how they cry!”//Your strength forms my heart (2x)
Where could we go, where you are not with us?//Where could we go, where could we go?
Surrounded by//All you’ve made//In Your arms//Home I’ve gained

WRITERS: Justin & Melissa Murphy, Mary Arnold, Bekah Smith, Scott Kavli, Renee Swick, Vince Ackerman, Bill & Gayle O’Hair, Aaron Strumpel


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